Multan lies in the centre of pakistan and is the 5th biggest city of Pakistan according to its population. Over the past decade there has been continuous development in the city and Investors all across the country have invested a lot on various projects. Talking about the real estate sector of Multan, there have been several projects like Dream Gardens, PC Colony, Butch villas, Wapda Town and Royal Orchard. All these projects were intended to provide a standard lifestyle to their residents with good living facilities and security. All these projects were succeeding in their own pace and then stepped in DHA Multan, a Shark in the Sea.

DHA a developed city within Multan

DHA Multan might have seemed just like another project of Defence Housing Authority but the truth is that it was a lot different from all its other projects. The total area of Multan City is 227 km/sq out of which almost 140 km/sq is urban area while other is rural. Talking about well developed area multan in only 28000 acres while DHA Multan reserved land is 9000 acre. DHA Multan has 26 sectors and almost 42000 residential plots, which makes it the biggest DHA of Pakistan.

  1. DHA Multan is the only independent housing society in Multan having its own, Shopping Malls, Schools, Universities, Hospitals and Parks etc.
  2. The Sector-A of DHA Multan offers International standard 2-kanal Rumanza facing farmhouses, Rumanza is an Eighteen hole golf course designed by Sir Nick Foldo. It is Pakistan’s biggest Golf Course worth 13 billion rupees.
  3. Sector-C of DHA Multan contains 3,4 and 5 bedroom villas along with a food street and a jogging track within the sector.

Investors Interest

DHA Multan proved to be an opportunity for investors as there is a lot of variation of prices among all the other sectors. Is the map and locations have been allocated, it is easy for an investor compare prices and predict the rise in prices in the coming months.

Sector-U has attracted most of the investors as its prices are low yet but its scope in the upcoming years 2021 is much higher than other sectors. There is a variation of both 10-Marla and 1-Kanal plots in Sector-U and there are 2 universities and a hospital to be constructed in this sector. Those who are looking for an ideal sector to build their house, this sector is highly recommended as it is also the first sector from Matti Tal Gate. Once its development is complete DHA will possibly give its possession in the next year. People looking for settlement in this sector will be willing to pay higher prices.

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Sector-M impact on prices

In the late june 2020, DHA announced the possession of sector-M and also announced the waiver of development charges if house is constructed within one year of the possession. this decision of DHA created a direct impact on the overall prices of DHA Multan. In some sectors the prices even rised upto 1 Million.

Before the possession of sector-M there was no idea how much could be the max price of 1-Kanal residential plot in DHA Multan. After the possession the price in Sector-M touched the height on 90 lac, that means all the other identical sectors in DHA Multan a 1-Kanal plot can rise upto 90 lac max (excluding development charges). There are still identical sectors of Sector-M which are offering 1-Kanal plots at a low price of 45. Sector-I is said to be identical as Sector-M but the prices are yet low as minimum 45 lac and maximum 58 lac.

In the upcoming months DHA Multan will announce possession for Q-Sector and after that Sector-R, so if you have the opportunity to grab a plot in the sectors, you would thank me.

The current price in Sector-Q is minimum 42 and maximum 62 lac and for Sector-R the minimum price is 45 and maximum 55 lac. Both these sectors will have their possession within one year, so if your are looking for a short term investment these are the best sectors.